Paul Baskin welcomes you to Heaven's Heartstrings Ministries.  With a passion to see believers everywhere walk in the fullness of all of God's blessings, Paul has a unique gift for helping people feel the very embrace of the Presence of God. In churches and communities where he has both ministered and visited, he is recognized as a prophetic psalmist with a now message that penetrates to the heart urging the people of God to rise up and do what is right to inherit the kingdom off God.

Through weaving prayer and worship together, it is not uncommon for many in the atmosphere of worship to receive healing of emotional hurts and wounds through the ministry of the Lord through Paul. Most recently a number of people are being physically healed during times of prayer and worship in the meetings.

Paul is available to come to your church, retreat and or home group. We hope you and your family will have a warm and spirit-filled experience with us as we worship and fellowship together.  Please contact us for more information on bringing Paul to your community.

Paul is available to come to your church, retreat and or home group.

For more information on bringing Paul to your community:

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"True spiritual worship is more than a song.  God is looking for lives that live 'yes' to Him.  My prayer for each one is that these words and music from the heart of the Father will minister to your heart and life and call you into His Presence where you can be strengthened in the power of His Might Spirit!"

Many Blessings To You,

Paul Baskin

Paul's Gift - Prophetic Music that Flows Like a River

Soaking is a time to quiet the soul, but to be awakened in the spirit to hear the heart of God in that moment, and to interact with Him in a personal way. Soaking time for me is always associated with music. It can be music that is sung, or music that is instrumental, but it is always music that comes to life because of what the Holy Spirit is doing in that moment.

Music that is birthed in the Presence of God without having been previously composed, is typically referred to as a “spontaneous song”. A spontaneous song is music that has never been heard before by anyone, including the one who sings or plays it.

Soaking music takes us outside the boundaries of traditional worship music. It helps create an atmosphere of total rest where we can receive from the Father and hear Him to speak to us.

My music to Him can encompass many things: praise, adoration, intimate worship, joy, celebration, thankfulness, composed songs, spontaneous songs, with words, without words…